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This is just a reminder that it is highly recommended that all players wear the proper protective equipment for soccer. In the U8 league up to the U12 league the referees are not to allow a player to be on the field that does not have shin pads. In the younger divisions without referees we ask that the parents see to it that all children have the proper equipment. Coaches, if you notice that (a) player(s) on your team are not wearing the proper equipment we would encourage you to remind the parents of the importance of the proper protective equipment. The following is an exerpt from the OSA rules for mini soccer.

Rule 4: Equipment

Basic compulsory equipment shall consist of shorts, socks, shin guards, footwear, and a numbered shirt. Goalkeepers must wear colors which are distinguishable from all outfield players and the referee.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


U4/U6 Division Rules:
Ontario Soccer Mini Soccer Guide and Rules


U8-U12 Division Rules:
FIFA Laws of the Game
2011 Rule Modifications for U8 and U10 league
2011 Rule Modifcations for U12 league